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"Jessica pinpointed my health issues accurately and had treatment solutions that I have been following for months now that have improved my health ten-fold."

John Arbuckle

"Jessica gave me a psychic reading I will never forget. She asked that I list questions as intention for the reading then leave them at home, so I did, but never thought she was really going to nail it. I wanted to know about certain relationships and work but also specifically asked about past lives of mine. Shortly after the reading started she tells me that her guides are bringing her to my past lives and if I accept. I couldn’t believe it. Also brought up specific questions I have been asking myself but forgot to mention which was convenient."

Barbara S

"My friend has been pushing me to see a medium over three years now since my daughter passed since I am a Christian-raised skeptic who would never consider such a thing. She immediately felt my daughter's presence and told me things that were so specific as confirmation. She brought up personal quirks and slang she'd use which threw me off completely, as well as bringing forward other family members who have departed, presenting the fact that my baby girl is not alone. I am beyond grateful my baby girl has acknowledged the small things I've been doing/living in her honor, and hearing first-hand she sees what I'm doing for her and with us when we're not realizing. Grateful for that contact which has helped me heal."


“I don’t fully understand how Jessica does what she does but was able to treat my pain and condition with her energy healing. Two sessions and my pain was gone!”


"I was amazed at how gifted Jessica is. She casually used her clairvoyance to visit my house in her head and described what I need to do to shift the energy. She then brought through my late husband with clear facts, including his joking about how he would hit the shower head every time and that he visits our home using symbols to let me know he’s there, which were all true! She is a truly special psychic medium."


"I found Jessica through a recommendation by a co-worker in desperate need for pain relief. I have lived with gastrointestinal issues and discomfort on and off for years to no avail. She did a body scan and was able to psychically see what was going on in my stomach in detail and presented how to treat it with natural remedies. I still cannot believe that I am pain free and have been brought back to health with her regimen and diet plan. Inflammation went down. Sneezing/allergies reduced significantly! She is a bargain compared to the cost of doctors who only prescribe medications and send you on your way. Shes thorough/knowledgable/non-dismissive! I highly recommend her to anyone seeking natural remedies/healing as opposed to pharmaceutical."

Eitan Urman

"Jessica went straight into what's happening in my life and answered every question I had in my mind before I could ask. I was amazed. She is the real deal with such an empathetic kindness she gave me in the way she spoke about my personal trauma. Thank you Jessica for shedding light in my life."


"I had a psychic reading by Jessica which blew me away. She was pretty much spot on with everything and gave me the guidance I was looking for. Most psychics I've been to rely on Tarot. Jessica was able to help pinpoint specific areas in which Ive been stressing lately without Tarot. And she has a way in which she delivers/explains whats going on. Straight to the point. Easily one of the nicest/funniest psychics I've been to!"

Charlotte Rifkin

"Got Jessica's info from a close friend who I trust - otherwise would have been somewhat skeptical. Only been to a psychic reading once with tarot cards and felt ripped off. Jessica was able to bring up heavy points in my life right now and read my aura and helped me identify control issues I'm dealing with, vulnerability issues and brought up blockages going on in my personal and work life. She was very clear in how she explained what's going on psychically and suggested possible ways to get to the root of some of these issues and reminded me of my potential through her reading. Been to her twice this summer so far. Things feel so much lighter and more productive! Highly recommend her services. True gift she has!


"Came to Jessica for a medical intuitive reading to figure out what the doctors couldn’t and she was spot on with what my health condition was. She put me on a protocol and did energy work and healed me. I now have my health back thanks to her.”




"As an energy healer, I am extremely picky when healers work on me. Jessica was recommended by a friend of mine when I was struggling with major rashes, sinus headaches, and fatigue. My sleep pattern was disrupted by my rashes and I used to wake up every night to put some ice on my body so that I could go back to sleep. This lasted for a year or so. I had seen acupuncturists, naturopaths, allergy specialists, and healers, and nothing worked. Through Jessica’s guidance and healing, I was able to get my energy back and my sinus headaches and rashes are gone. I am really grateful for Jessica’s gifts and will recommend Jessica to many!"

"I've struggled with fatigue and anxiety for years with no results from my doctors. Jessica put me on a diet plan and supplements after she saw I had a gene mutation, among other conditions and I am feeling amazing. She is incredibly gifted as well as medically knowledgable. A gift to all in search of getting their health back." 

Disclaimer. Testimonials provided reflect the real life experiences of individuals who have directly worked with Jessica personally, some of which are regular clients, others from a one time only reading. Provided testimonials are not not paid for and unedited (aside from grammar/punctuation). However, individual results may vary. Individual experiences should not be expected to result exactly in what was expressed above specifically. Although Jessica's psychic reading process remains consistent for each client alike, readings may vary. Testimonials were provided as a favor for Jessica personally. Those provided are actual real-life clients who paid for services by Jessica, and were not compensated for given testimonials.

Tejpal S.

Sylvia Khan

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