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Jessica was born in the Mt. Elbrus mountains of Russia. Her family left Russia for a life of freedom at the age of two, finally arriving in Brooklyn, New York at 3 1/2 years old. Shortly after, she and her family moved to New York City where she lived until the year 2000. She then moved (6 months before the horrific 9/11 crash) to Los Angeles, California where she currently resides.

Jessica has personally experienced paranormal events since childhood. One she remembers is at the age of 7 when she got hit by a car speeding down the street with no trace of injury on her body yet she saw her body lay lifeless on the ground as she was pulled into a blue/white light portal that felt like complete bliss. Hearing that it was not time to transition and that her soul needed to continue she was dropped back into her body. Coming back to life she is taken into an ambulance with her frantic mother asking why she is going to the hospital since she feels fine. A divine miracle that changed her life.


Around the age of 10, Jessica started to feel unusual pulses of energy through her body and saw translucent images of people in public places. An isolated feeling to say the least. When she explained her experiences to her family it was not well received, they thought she was imagining it all for attention so she decided to keep it a secret for years in order to feel accepted by her loved ones. Shortly after, Jessica started to develop anxiety and panic attacks around the age of 14. Trying to hide these senses because her family oppressed any "evil witchery" talk when she spoke about it, Jessica struggled with panic attacks for years until she learned to harness her energy without draining it. Years later, she understood these images were people from the Spirit world. Decades later, she decided to accept her gifts and further explore all that's been contained inside as a psychic medium. She found world-renowned medium Andy Byng, a teacher at the Arthur Finlay College in England who became her mentor in 2018.


Then at sixteen, she learned of her healing gift when a distant cousin sought healing for her sickly daughter from a Maharishi Guru in Jamaica Estates, New York. The renowned guru mentioned a distant ancestor is a born seer with the gift of healing (he then said Jessica’s name) and can bring her back to health. Jessica did not know about healing energy at the time—or even what healing energy was—yet when she stood before her sick cousin she received floating word instructions over her head and her hands led her to where she needed to tune in to send healing energy. Gratefully, her relative returned to health but Jessica did not want to continue doing energy healing for fear she would be thought of as a weirdo again causing more anxiety. She made an effort to ensure no one found out about her gift. No one did for 10 more years.

It was in late 1990, while in meditation, she met Archangel Michael who helped Jessica understand her gifts (little did she know service as a mystic was her purpose). Like Archangel Michael, teachings and guidance from her other Spirit guides and Angels have been and are a tremendous source of enlightenment in learning more about her psychic abilities and clairvoyance of the body. There was still so much to learn about her abilities since discovering her healing abilities at sixteen and it was all overwhelming for her but Archangel Michael took her under his wing (no pun intended!). Archangel Michael taught her about using her clairvoyance in trance, harnessing her energy fields, spiritual cause and effect and ethics of the Universe, Kabalah teachings, the understanding of souls’ commitments (contracts) to others, and raising vibrations to name a few. Archangel Michael was her mentor for seven years. During that time, in 1994 she began her calling, when she offered a bed-ridden friend energy healing but that she must keep quiet about it so her family doesn't hear about this; instead her friend told everyone. Jessica feared her friends and family would think she wasn’t "normal.” Her energy healing service began then.

Jessica is not a medical doctor nor does not claim to be one. She uses her psychic gifts, clairvoyance, medical knowledge, and years of experience as a medical mystic intuitive to offer transformational healing to her clients.  Jessica tunes into the body as an energy vibration and believes our health imbalances (dis-ease) can be brought to a state of wholeness. She has personally overcome health imbalances, specifically chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, and early onset arthritis through changes to diet, and supplementation with mindful consciousness.

Jesica is known as a medical mystic due to the unique way she "scans" the body addressing imbalances, deficiencies, and/or illness —clairvoyantly tuning into the body's energetic fields. Recognizing the incredible impact plant medicine had on her own declining health, Jessica decided to study its impact further.  Throughout her journey as a medical intuitive, she was spiritually guided to seek mentorship with a Shamanic teacher several years ago, which led her to the study of plant medicine. In some cases, she quickly observed that plant medicine can be as effective as pharmaceuticals. 

In addition, Jessica has been a certified sound bath healing practitioner since 2019. She completed her mentorship with renowned singer, crystal alchemy sound healer, and inspirational speaker Jeralyn Glass, and Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Master, yoga instructor, and sound bath healer Susy Schieffelin. Sound bath bowls offer uniquely powerful energy that can reach areas within the DNA and cell walls of the physical body that energy healing or plant medicine cannot penetrate. 

In addition, Jessica is a certified astrologer since 1998. She began studying astrology as a passion in her twenties which quickly became a deeper understanding of the meaning of why we are here and what lessons, gifts, ease, tensions, and the ability to observe it all through the magic of how the planets align in each of our unique natal charts along with how and why we interact in our relationships. For those seeking to understand the deeper meaning of existence or compatibility in relationships, a natal chart reading Jessica offers this service using her intuition to pull out what the stars say about her clients. For more details on the types of astrology chart readings, go to the Services page and scroll down to Astrology to click "Learn More". 


Jessica serves clients all over the world via phone or online from Los Angeles, California. She has four grown sons, including twins, who are her pride and joy. 

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